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User Monitoring Solutions


Our User Monitoring solutions enables companies to record, replay, stream, alert & report on every employee activity on systems and servers. Surveys show that 1 out of 2 employees believe it’s OK to take company data with them when they leave a company, and 40% of those that think it’s OK would use that data at their next job. With the help of User Monitoring Solutions,  you can keep track of all employee activities including emails, web activities, file transfers, cloud storage, removable device usage and more. Additionally you can configure solution to alert on specific employee activities like downloading executable files, copying confidential files or even renaming them. It can block websites and chats as well.

It is specifically designed to detect employee fraud and data theft, making it a worldwide leader in insider threat detection. It empowers human resources by improving efficiency and increasing productivity in your company. You can analyse employee behaviour and investigate abuse easily using the advanced reporting capability of the solution.

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